Episode 7

John Peacock's "Buddhism Before the Theravada" Part 6 - EP7

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In this episode we talk about John Peacocks' talk, "Buddhism Before the Theravada, Part 6".

We talk about paṭiccasamuppāda (Dependent Origination) as a Buddhist model of cognition and about how having a framework such as this one to understand our experience can help us deal with craving and grasping loops.

A few things referred to:

Dr. Judson Brewer (https://drjud.com/).

The Independent PhD project (https://dharmaphd.com/2020/07/10/the-independent-phd-and-why-you-should-start-one/).

I recently posted on the blog about overlapping models of perception/cognition, one more cognitive-science-y compared with dependent origination: https://dharmaphd.com/2021/11/01/modeling-cognition/.

Hedonic Tone, also called "feeling tone" is my preferred translation of the Pāli word "vedanā". I talked about it over on my other podcast in a few episodes: https://www.buddha-bites-podcast.com/episode/buddha-bites-ep23

A transcript of and link to John Peacock's talk is available here: https://dharmaphd.com/2021/11/13/john-peacock-buddhism-before-the-theravada-part-6-2011-09-04/

And a transcript of this podcast episode is available here: https://dharmaphd.com/2021/11/13/dharma-phd-the-podcast-episode-7/

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